How many parameters do you know?

    1、 LED module color: it is the most basic parameter in LED module. Different colors are applied in different occasions. According to the color types, it can be divided into two kinds: monochrome and full color single point control. Monochrome is a single color, which can't be changed, and can work when the power is connected; full color single point is to control the color of each module, which can display pictures and videos when the number of modules reaches a certain degree. Full color single point can only be realized by adding control system.

    2, LED module brightness: when it comes to brightness, we think of the word high brightness, which is a parameter that people pay more attention to. Brightness is a complex problem in LED. The brightness we say in LED modules is usually the luminous intensity and transparency, which is generally the sum of the relevant degrees of each module.

    3、 LED module luminous angle: the luminous angle of LED module without lens is mainly determined by LED lamp beads, and the different luminous angles of LED lamp beads are also different. Generally, the luminous angle of LED lamp beads provided by the manufacturer is the luminous angle of LED module.

    4、 Working temperature of LED module: the normal working temperature of LED module is usually between - 18 ° C and 58 ° C. special treatment shall be carried out for the occasions with high requirements, such as adding air conditioner or exhaust fan.

    5、 LED module voltage: it is a very important parameter in LED module. At present, 12V low-voltage module is relatively common. When connecting the power supply and control system, it is necessary to check the correctness of the voltage value before power on, otherwise the LED module will be damaged.

    6、 LED module size: usually refers to the size of length, width and height. The maximum length of a single connection, which we use more in large projects, means the number of LED modules connected in a series LED module. This is related to the size of the connecting wire of the LED module, and it should also be customized according to the actual situation.

    7、 LED module waterproof level: This is mainly for outdoor, it is an important indicator to ensure that led module can work in outdoor for a long time. Generally, in the case of full open air, the waterproof level is better to reach IP65.

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